Open International Ideas Competition

The first place in the Ideas Competition was shared among the entries Boegbeeld, Meren syleily, Stadi terassi and Tori. The 201 entries to the competition offered new suggestions for development models for the South Harbour.

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Open for comments

South Harbour competition seeks direction for developing the core of Helsinki. 200 competition entries are now available for public viewing and commenting until January 21st 2012.

The Helsinki City Planning Department is organising the international South Harbour ideas competition as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme. The entrants’ task is to create a comprehensive ideas plan for the South Harbour that can be used as a basis for the future development of the area.

The competition was open to everyone, and entrants were encouraged to form design groups consisting of experts in a variety of fields. The competition period was from 2 May to 30 September 2011. The result will be resolved in the spring of 2012.

The competition area is situated in a highly central location, covering the entire 23-hectare shore area of the Helsinki South Harbour. The area is an essential part of the city’s identity. The urban profile of the South Harbour opening to the sea can be considered the visiting card of Helsinki. The historical centre of Helsinki is also located close to the shore.

The purpose of the competition is to integrate the area more tightly into the city structure. The idea is to provide city residents with access to the sea and the opportunity to experience and create urban culture. New uses are sought for the buildings. It is also possible to construct new buildings in the area. The pas-senger ports and traffic solutions are to be developed further, since passenger ship traffic will continue.

“Many waterfront projects are about enlivening harbour or industrial areas no longer in use. We are now planning the most valuable core of the capital – an area that is actively used by city residents and that hosts a busy cruise port. Today, a large part of the area is off limits to the public, and a lot of space is taken up by parking,” says Tuomas Rajajärvi, head of the Helsinki City Planning Department, describing the challenges that the entrants are expected to solve creatively.

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World Design Capital Helsinki - Embedding design in life

During the World Design Capital Helsinki year, the city seeks inspiring means by which residents can become involved in developing their living environment. As a basis for the competition, the City Planning Department surveyed the thoughts of nearly five hundred residents on the area and its future. The results of this survey are available to the entrants.

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Liking or disliking an entry doesn't have a direct effect on the results of the competition. A summary of the discussion on the website will be presented to the jury and it may be used in the future development of the area.

Exhibition at Laituri

The competition entries are also available for public viewing and commenting at the City Planning Department's meeting place Laituri on 15 Dec 2011 - 21 Jan 2012. The jury has chosen 23 interesting proposals to be put on display to the exhibition.

024 1812
032 Rock City
038 VIVO
040 Open Horizons
053 99HEL01
061 John Ottati (Archipelago Mobile)
082 Satamakoti
101 Rooted Harbour
103 3 sides
105 00077 - Helsinki Gateway
110 Bridges, Buildings & Bridgebuilding
113 TORI
124 Walk Along The Coast
142 240240 STADI TERASSI
168 Kristalli

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Jury and awards

Hannu Penttilä, M.Sc. Techn., Deputy Mayor
Tuomas Rajajärvi, Architect, Head of Department, City Planning Department
Olavi Veltheim, Architect SAFA, Town Planning Division Director, City Planning Department
Satu Tyynilä, Architect, Office Manager, City Planning Department
Ilpo Forssén, Architect SAFA, Project Manager, City Planning Department
Heikki Nissinen, M.Sc. Techn., Managing Director, Port of Helsinki
Mikael Nordqvist, M.Sc. Techn., Head of Department, Real Estate Department
Antti Ahlava, Architect SAFA, Doctor of Arts (appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects)
Vilhelm Helander, Architect SAFA, Professor (appointed by the Finnish Association of Architects)
Steven Holl, Architect, Professor
Jussi Murole, Architect SAFA

A total of €165,000 will be distributed as prizes:

First prize €60,000
Second prize €45,000
Third prize €30,000

In addition, 2 redemptions worth €15,000 will be given.

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